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FIVE FAVORITES {Living Spaces}

For the next few weeks, I plan to do a weekly inspirational post showing my top five favorite rooms.  This may soundView full post »

Creative A.D.D.

Looking through my business page and website, i’ve decided that I definitely have “creative AttentionView full post »


Nothing makes a happier home more than having a brightly colorful and unique kitchen.  While it may seem like a hugeView full post »

WEDDING WEDNESDAY {Moroccan Inspiration}

By now, you guys should know how intrigued I am with Moroccan culture, architecture, and design.  I would absolutelyView full post »

FASHION FRIDAY {2013 Bridal Fashion}

I will be the first to admit that i’m a sucker for fashion. While my everyday wardrobe mostly consists of athleticView full post »

INTERIOR INSPIRATION {Nautical Furniture and Decor}

Typically, old worn-down/beat up furniture that is repurposed is categorized as nautical…mainly because it looksView full post »

WEDDING WEDNESDAY {Guest Entertainment}

For our wedding, I made a crossword puzzle that asked our guests questions about me and my husband.  I had it printedView full post »

INTERIOR IDEAS {Space Saving Secrets}

I spent 4 years with a yacht design company (DLBA) working alongside architects and engineers and learning theView full post »

INTERIOR DESIGN {Window Headboard}

I’ve shared about this little dilemma before…because it’s what I had to deal with in my own masterView full post »

WEDDING WEDNESDAY {Contemporary Tablescapes}

A great way to add some character to your event is by spicing up the traditional white linens and romantic floral View full post »

INTERIOR IDEAS {Dining in Style}

If my house were big enough to actually have a dining room {bleh.} I would totally model it after one of the rooms belowView full post »

INTERIOR DESIGN INFO {Paint Color Physiology}

I’ve been doing A LOT of paint selections for clients lately…I literally spent a week with a paint deck inView full post »


If you know my background, you know that I started my career with a few different professional architecture firmsView full post »

FURNITURE FIX {Gold Dresser Re-do}

I discovered Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store when I volunteered for H4H in college.  The stores accept {and thenView full post »

Interior Inspiration Boards {World Market}

I recently discovered World Market.  Since then i’ve spent about $500 there on random things around the house andView full post »