Creative A.D.D.

Looking through my business page and website, i’ve decided that I definitely have “creative Attention Deficit Disorder” {a term I just coined…}.  I am literally obsessed with all things that require me to think outside of the box in order to create something unique and beautiful.  Once I become happy with the way i’ve designed something, how pleased a client was, or how pleased I am with the outcome of a project, I move on to the next challenge…all while making it a constant goal for each attempt to be better than the last.  While i’m obviously still learning {and obviously not attempting to make a career change}, most recent obsessions have been:



I am constantly pushing myself to learn valuable tricks and tips from the highly skilled people around me.  Whether it’s a florist at an event, or a trim installer on an interior design job, my goal is to learn the “ins and outs” of the trade and to leave the experience with knowledge {and in return, a better rounded career}.  I’ve even been know to watch YouTube videos for HOURS on end just to learn the best way to do things such as: how a bouquet is tied, how to tile a floor, the best way to strip paint, which lenses to use on my camera, how to selectively get rid of the red in a client’s shirt and make it purple in photoshop, etc.  Learning has slowly become an obsession of mine, and while it may seem like i’m stretching myself in too many different directions {trust me, i’ve heard it all}, in reality it’s slowly turning me into a much better designer.

Let me ask you this one question, who would you rather hire?

A.  A designer who can answer your questions about whether or not it’s feasible to re-finish your cabinets, which material is going to best on the backsplash of a commercial bar area, if you can add more capacity to your breaker, if you should just try to DIY your wedding ceremony programs, how many flowers you need to purchase for 5 bouquets, or even how much time a photographer should need for family portraits.


B. The designer who is so infatuated with the design in their head that they create this grand scheme without really knowing whether it’s feasible or if they can actually make it work?

I owe much of what i’ve learned in the past few years to the few patient kind-hearted souls who have tolerated my incessant questions that sound like they’re coming from an inquisitive 4 year old {why does that happen?  where does that come from?  how long will this take?  what should I expect?  ARE WE THERE YETTT??}.  I am eternally grateful for the skills that these people have been willing to share, the time they’ve put in to my “education,” and for consistently creating amazing inspirations for me to “stalk.”  My one hope is that one day I can pass on some of that acquired knowledge and inspire people the way that you have all done for me…and in the meantime, i’m going to send you as much work as I can ;)