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Virginia Beach Fall Soiree

Meeting Megan was a stroke of luck….and by luck, I actually mean we could have met a million different ways, butView full post »

NORFOLK WEDDING {Daniel and Morgan}

Waaaay way back when I was a young little nugget (barely in middle school), I rode to school everyday with my brotherView full post »

SUFFOLK WEDDING {Ryan and Amanda}

I went to Western Branch with Ryan, so I’ve known him for.ev.er.  (yeah, we’re old as dirt).  Late lastView full post »

WEDDING WEDNESDAY {Mid-Western Soirre}

I was recently asked why my inspiration boards are better than brides putting together images on a pinterest board.  MyView full post »


We literally just got back from our wedding in Duck, North Carolina and the first thing I did was get my camera out ofView full post »

Creative A.D.D.

Looking through my business page and website, i’ve decided that I definitely have “creative AttentionView full post »

WEDDING WEDNESDAY {Contemporary vs. Country}

This week we have one color palette taken in two completely different directions, proving how greatly the little detailsView full post »