SUFFOLK WEDDING {Ryan and Amanda}

I went to Western Branch with Ryan, so I’ve known him  (yeah, we’re old as dirt).  Late last year, Ryan and his fiancé Amanda contacted me about helping them with their wedding.  They began with a 400 person guest list and quickly scaled that down to about 150.  They ended up booking the Smithfield Center which was surprisingly cute!!  I don’t know why I was expecting something like the rec center, but I was delightfully surprised when I saw the lighting, high ceilings, wood floor, columns, and deck overlooking the water!

Not only did I end up designing their invitations, but I also helped coordinate the vendors, did the flowers, the décor, ran the wedding, and was photographer…you’re laughing now, right?  It sounds so overwhelming, but with the help of Laura, it went off without a hitch!  Here are some pictures I took……..keep the judgements to yourselves, I am not a professional and they knew that–which is why they hired a videographer ;)

Amanda and I met multiple times about the décor, which believe it or not wasn’t actually finalized until the day of the event!  Initially her family was going to do the centerpieces, but I stepped in at the last minute for the flowers and branches to save them the hassle!  Everything turned out perfectly alternating between strictly branches and hydrangeas with a single branch!

The favor table and one of the food stations…

Ceremony décor and the bride’s bouquet.

The ceremony…

I texted Ryan the morning of the wedding and told him to give me a fist pump….score!

The venue has some pretty awesome picture spots!

 The bridal party…

First dance and mother/son dance!  How cute is it that she’s holding CJ!!?

The cake and the overall venue!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your day Mr. and Mrs. Wood!!!  Love you guys!