Meet Amy

Close your eyes for a second and imagine your favorite space. Imagine how it looks. Imagine how it feels. How it smells. Better yet, take a step further and imagine how this space makes YOU feel. How it’s affected you and why it’s so memorable. The way a song can sometimes describe your feelings better than you can, I believe that a well designed space has the ability to impact those who encounter it.

The interior should make you feel welcome and at ease. It should be functional and efficient. Practical yet appropriately extravagant. The design sets the tone for how a space will be used and how it will be remembered.

When designing a space, having someone on your team who will help bring your vision to light is invaluable. That’s where Style by Design comes in.

The 14+ years i’ve spent in the interior design industry and my degree from Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture + Design have given me the knowledge, experience, and insight I regularly use to help my clients achieve their ideal space. I’ve worked in almost every area of design (super yachts to tiny homes to large corporations), carry specialized certifications, have been published in magazines and books, and have a long list of happy clients… BUT if i’m being honest-and I find my honesty to be both a blessing and a curse-that stuff is only part of the package. I truly believe a designer should be chosen based on more than just professional experience and accreditations.  You will need to be able to work together closely with your designer, and part of that relationship is being comfortable, both professionally and personally.

Aside from my passion for design, here are some of the other things that define me…

-My 5 year old daughter is a designer-in-training who will give me her honest opinion on any project; whether it’s relevant or not. She gives me reason for new adventures and experiences-to explore and see things again through her eyes. 

-My hobby list is constantly growing. I taught myself to sew. I did wedding floral design for a few years. I’ve done event planning. Graphic design. Jewelry design…the list goes on. I often learn to do things solely to prove to myself that I can do them. 

-I prefer to be on-the-go. I grew up playing softball, volleyball, riding horses, and surfing. I stay active, whether teaching fitness classes at the gym or hiking in the woods. I also love a good night in and may have been called a homebody once or twice.