FURNITURE FIX {Gold Dresser Re-do}

I discovered Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store when I volunteered for H4H in college.  The stores accept {and then re-sell to help fund H4H projects} donated building materials, old school architectural features, furniture, accessories, and clothes.  It’s kind of like a thrift store geared towards designers and I obviously love it.  I stumbled upon a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store about a mile from my house and have visited once or twice a week ever since.

Ever since we bought our house, I have been constantly searching for the perfect pieces for our house….something Eric loathes because we will either have an empty room for years or I will change things out weekly {get over it dude, it’s my job ;) }.  One day, on fireside antiques, I found the PERFECT vintage looking dresser and chest of drawers.

They had tons of character, were in decent shape, and were only $60 for the pair {Sundays are usually 50% off days!!} so I took two trips and brought them home to the garage.  Once we got power in the garage {yes, it’s been years}, the SBD “workshop” was open for business and I finally began working on these pieces.  To begin the refurb project, I took the drawers out of the dresser and took the hardware off.  Once the pieces were taken apart, everything got two coats of primer to seal out the stains and help the paint bond. Once the primer was dry, I painted the tan-ish body of the pieces gloss white and the gold parts and details satin teal blue to match the accent wall in our “office.”  Here’s the final product!!

If you’re wondering what the rest of this room looks like, it’s still under construction.  One dayyyy I will give you guys a tour :)

Also, if you’re wondering what I did with the other piece, it will be used as a rental for events until I actually have a need for it…