A few months ago Style by Design’s event planner, Taylor, married her long time boyfriend, Shane.

Last year, Taylor and I began custom designing her wedding graphics.  Ever since i’ve known Taylor (9th grade…) she’s been obsessed with cobalt blue so it was only natural that their wedding was Peacock themed.  She wanted realistic graphics instead of stylized peacock feathers, so we created some amazing invitations that included actual feathers….unfortunately i’ve lost the pictures (fail.).  BUT, we did style all of the other graphics after the look of the invitation and I haven’t yet lost those images.

Although Style by Design did the graphics, Taylor decided to hire an outside event planner for the big day so that we could both enjoy her wedding.  That planner fell through at the last minute, so she called me the MONDAY before her wedding and hysterically asked if I thought we could do all the decor for her wedding by Saturday.  Obviously, I immediately agreed that it could be done…y’all know I love a good challenge!!

I headed over to Garden Ridge where I found the most perfect blue vases.  Unfortunately, in true Garden Ridge style, all the vases were beat up and I could only find 9 acceptable enough to use and we needed 11.  I’m pretty sure I spent about 3 hours scouring the entire store, but I finally found a second vase that I didn’t hate and decided to do half blue and half silver vases.  I also found these adorable little filigree placemats that I used underneath the centerpieces to add some width and make them look a little more substantial on a 60″ table.  We filled the vases with peacock feathers and light-up silver sticks that Taylor had previously purchased for the other event planner.  Then we ordered cobalt blue napkins and added a ton of votive candles and called it a day.  Here’s a picture of how the tables turned out.

One of the things I like to do for every bride I work with is to do a little something extra on the head table.  Whether I find some amazing chairs to use as bride and groom chairs or just create some custom decor, I almost always end up surprising the bride :)  This is what I did for Taylor and Shane’s head table…

I bought the letters at Michaels, painted them blue and then sprayed glitter on them.  Then I used some leftover peacock feathers to add a little dimension.

Taylor also co-owns a company that makes cake pops…the best cake pops you’ve ever had…and she used them as her wedding favors.  I created the signage and her cake pop partner created the display.  Everytime I look at this picture my mouth waters.  If you need cake pops, be sure to send them an email {} or check out their Facebook page!

Her wedding turned out to be absolutely beautiful despite the chaotic situations leading up to the event…I would definitely call it a success story {and hopefully Taylor would too…haha}  Here are some more images from the event!!

After the wedding, instead of a traditional bridal portrait shoot, Taylor and Shane did a couple’s portrait shoot as husband and wife.  I made the bouquet and a few props for them, including the Love Bird’s sign above.  Here’s a shot I took of the bouquet…yes, it has cabbage in it.

Planner- Style by Design
Photographer- Christine Kelby
Venue- Lighthouse on the Cove
Graphics- Style by Design
Flowers- Graceful Designs
Caterer-Lighthouse on the Cove
Cake-Patti Cakes