I’ve been delaying this post until it actually happened…I was hoping that Laura and Nate would realize how awesome Virginia was and randomly decide not to move at the last minute (yea…right…haha).  BUT, needless to say, Nate (Laura’s husband) got a pretty sweet new job in Charlotte and they have officially packed their Chesapeake life away and left town.

Two years ago, at a time where I was very busy and struggling to keep it together, I put out a little blog post that I was looking for an intern…someone with event planning experience who was willing to come into my extremely chaotic self-employed world and help me make sense of it all.  After many applications, I decided to meet with Laura on my way out of town one Friday.  I got to Starbucks and she was already there waiting (huge plus for me, I can’t stand lateness) in a stylish little outfit with her notepad and pen in hand and a fresh copy of her resume…I mean seriously, my type A personality already knew that I liked her.  After a quick meeting, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with and I left for the beach with some weight off of my shoulders.

When I came back in town, I immediately got down to business with a huge interior design client (the client that allowed me to leave my full-time job).  I didn’t even have to ask for help; Laura wanted to shop with me and help me put the space together.  She wanted to help me make my clients happy.  She truly was a HUGE help and is definitely one of the reasons that first job, the most important job i’ve had to date, was so successful.  Since then, she’s been by my side helping my clients in any way possible and has been the catalyst to making the event planning/design side of the business so successful.  Style by Design 100% would not be where it is today without her help and support!

Laura has not only been a great colleague but has also turned into a true friend, someone who I know will be around for the long-haul…even if she has to drive 3 hours to help me for an event ;)  I’ll miss you Mrs. Bourdeau, come visit soon!!


{thank you Stephanie Michelle for this picture of us!!  Perfect timing before she left town!}

With that said, I am looking for a new intern (or two)…preferably someone with event planning and/or floral design experience!!  Marketing, business administration, interior design, and graphic design experience is also a plus (LOL, nobody is as creatively ADD as I am…).  I probably won’t need help until wedding season comes back around, but you never know….send any inquiries to