WEDDING INSPIRATION {Fall Traditional/Rustic}

I used to blog wedding inspiration boards all the time….and not even boards i’d created for clients, boards that I actually had time to make for the sole purpose of a blog post!  Those were the days…. (not really).  Now, I have actual clients who I make inspiration boards for and I still don’t take the time to blog them!  Well, here goes my attempt at making a change.

Since my couples don’t really want their wedding details publicly announced months before the wedding, these posts have to be anonymous.  Let’s just say this couple wanted a mixture of traditional and rustic elements for their fall 2014 wedding, so I came up with two different options.  One option features subtle soft colors and the other has more saturated colors…pretty much polar opposites.  The beauty of inspiration boards is that they take what a client thinks they want, puts the ideas in front of them, and helps them to realize what they actually want.  Inspiration boards are the absolute best starting point for an event design, and from the two below, we were able to complete the goal “look” of the wedding–a board that we will base all decisions on from here on out.

I love both boards, but they had a definite favorite…

soft & subtle


saturated & …sexy?  sure.


…which one is your favorite!?