Multi-Family Interior Design | Providence Green

Over the past year, the previously named Brookfield Apartments, has undergone a maaaajor re-vamp. The entire property has been upgraded (inside and out) to better serve the community. My responsibilities started with the initial walk-through with the owners and management company. We went through each area of the property and discussed what they envisioned and we thought would be not only possible, but profitable.

Once the plan was made, I created a bid document consisting of materials, floorpans, specifications, and allll the information contractors would need to bid the project. We sent it out to several companies for price comparison, and once again found a good fit with Ringenburg Construction…the same company who worked with us at Hampton Center and Waterman’s Crossing.

We started with the leasing center, because they would need the “face” of the company up and running and accepting new residents as soon as possible. There were actually a lot of roadblocks opening up this space because it was the first floor of an apartment building, but Cliff and the team got it all opened up for us. We ordered the office furniture through Image Business Interiors who assembled and delivered it all (yay!!). Then I went through to the local stores and online to fill in the accent furniture, art, and accessories as the “final touch.” Here are some pictures of the space before…note it was hard to get good pictures because of how broken up it was!

Using engineered headers wrapped in wood, we were able to completely open the space up. We took out as many walls as we functionally could leaving the rest of the space is open and inviting.

Another big part of this project was the clubhouse. This property has not one but TWO pools and the clubhouse sits adjacent to the smaller, more private pool. Here is a picture of what it looked like before (terrible pics, sorry!):

After changing the flooring, paint, and a few other minor upgrades, it now looks like this (pics taken before the TV was installed :x):

Another huge part of this project was re-vamping the model unit…but like I said, HUGE, so it will be another post for another day!!

Hope you enjoyed the Providence Green Apartments re-vamp blog…check back soon for another-we have a tonnnn that I have been waiting to share!!