This Gloucester wedding has a background story….let me start there.

Imagine going off to college and spending 4-5 hours in a studio/lecture setting 3 times a week from 8am-1 pm (and having to walk across a ZERO degree windy drill field to get there) for FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT.  This doesn’t even include the projects we sometimes had to spend the night under our desks to finish!!  Well, that’s what last month’s bride Alex and I did while we were at Virginia Tech together.  She was actually working with me when I did my very first event, a Mardi Gras charity benefit for Habitat for Humanity…where I may or may not have set the centerpiece on fire while lighting a votive candle…things have improved, I promise!

Needless to say, I was extremely excited to reconnect with her when she called me about doing the flowers for her wedding.  The wedding was held at the Inn at Warner Hall in Gloucester, VA (a seriously gorgeous historic home on rolling farmland!).


We decided on a mixture of mercury glass and rustic boxes filled with whites and pale blush tones to create a rustic glam atmosphere.  When I got there to set up, it was roughly 100 degrees under the tent where the reception was going to be held, so we had to stash the flowers inside….meaning I didn’t get great table shots.  Alex did, however, send me a few images from her photographer (a family friend whose name I don’t have…) which I will now share with you.  Enjoy!!




Congratulations to the newlyweds…you guys were absolutely stunning!


I can’t wait to see what’s next for you two!!

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