Eva’s In Two the Wild Party

HEY guys! I can’t believe it’s already 2017…between the holidays, our anniversary, and Eva’s birthday, this time of year FLIES by.  And it did–But i’m back!!

We had the best little ‘Two Wild’ party for Eva’s second birthday and I wanted to share some of the pictures. Now that i’m not doing weddings anymore, Eva’s parties are even more over the top (not mad about it though)…and way cheaper since I have most of the decor on hand.  I need to release that creative party planning energy somehow!! Believe it or not, this party was done for around $120–food included! Think amazon, dollar store, garage stock piles….

Thank you again to everyone who came to help celebrate our saucy little lady. She had the best time!!

Here are some of the details.



2017-01-14_0001 2017-01-14_0003 2017-01-14_0004 2017-01-14_0006 2017-01-14_0007 2017-01-14_0008 In Two the Wild Birthday


Happy birthday cheeseball!!

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