BRIDAL BOOTCAMP {Commercial Cardio}

As most of you know, I am a certified fitness instructor/personal trainer with the YMCA and OneLife Fitness.  Whenever i’m not consumed with weddings and interiors, I am at the gym helping people reach their fitness goals.

Brides are typically the most body-conscious clients because they know that in a few months ALL of the eyes of their friends and family will be on them.  I am hoping to post a workout for you guys to try at least once every two weeks.  Please share these with your friends and let them know that SBD offers bridal bootcamp and personal training sessions.  To inquire about these sessions, please e-mail me !!

This workout was created for the working woman who just wants to come home from work and watch her favorite TV show.  There are way too many commercials to not take advantage of them!  Do each of these moves for 30 seconds and alternate commercial breaks between upper and lower body.

Remember to go hard……after all, it’s only 30 seconds of your life.