WEDDING…FRIDAY? {Inspiration Boards}

Yesterday we had a bride travel from California to see her venue for the first time…sounds stressful right?  I feel that I also need to mention that she won’t be back on the East coast until 3 days before her wedding….and we’re doing EVERYTHING for them…graphics {her save the date reveal will be next week}, flowers, decorations, planning, etc.  Thankfully both Taylor and I are in love with this couple…they are the sweetest, funniest, cutest, most down to earth people you have EVER met…which is why I decided to make 3 suuuuper last minute inspiration boards for them before our meeting Thursday morning!!

Here’s a little background info.  THey’re getting married at the Lesner Inn and wanted to portray a beachy/vintage/fun/preppy mix.  Colors weren’t really a huge deal, so I decided to do three different color combinations with different style decor to see which direction they were most comfortable with.

Here are the boards:

The first is a little bit more refined/clean-cut with cool colors that portray a more subdued feminine nautical design.

The second board shows warmer, brighter, more playful colors and design elements while still keeping that slight nautical element.

The third board…the WINNING board….is a perfect mixture of the previous two.  Light and airy, fun and casual, nautical beachy delightfulness.

Which one is your favorite!?