Amy Lovelace’s house was a recommendation from the Van Ormans….I sincerely hope that this is how the rest of the house crashes will go because they obviously know what it takes to make a gorgeous home!!  When Laura and I pulled up to the Lovelace’s home, we started getting giddy because the exterior of the house is the exact Spanish style that I have always hoped to one day own {Amy, if you ever want to sell……}!

 When I asked Amy what initially attracted her to this house she said:

“Honestly, my first attraction wasn’t to this home in particular, but the neighborhood. I love Glenshellah so much and knew from the first time that I drove into it that I would. It’s an old neighborhood with huge, established trees, unique homes with individual character, beautiful water views, and the nicest people you’ll ever meet. As for the house, I knew that it had a great structure, loved the big, old windows, the high ceilings and the history that you can feel in it.”

As soon as you enter the front door you’re welcomed into a small entry foyer with black and white checkered tiles {looove}.  You move further into the space and you’re in the open foyer that leads to the living area on the left.

Through the living area is a spectacular sun room that Amy has turned into a guest room!!  As you can see from the following pictures, it’s easy to understand why Amy considers this her favorite room… 

“It’s really an old porch that was enclosed at some point and probably should be used as a sun room. But, we needed a guest room and I think it works. I love everything about it. Three of the four walls are entirely windows and it is always sunny and warm and makes me happy. The kids and I often have special sleepovers in there because I adore waking up in the morning in that room.”

Of course, another collection of gorgeous chandeliers in this house!!

On the other side of the house lies the dining room, kitchen, and living room.

The rustic “island” in the kitchen that accents the rustic wood floors….

I just love musical instruments as decor <3

Those views!!!

Fresh flowers inside and on the property!!

When I asked Amy about her design style and where she liked to find decor, this was her response.

“Our house is a hodge-podge of items that we’ve found here and there. I love estate sales, antique stores, and craigslist. When I’m looking for something specific, however, I always go to Chartreuse in VA Beach. Cindy Pennybacher is a genius and has made/restored/re-purposed/ most of the wooden pieces in my house. I have also had lots of luck at GreenFront Furniture in Farmville, Va.  I don’t adhere to any particular design style, although I tend to lean towards traditional. When I think about decorating a room, I think about who I want to use that room and how I want them to feel when they are in it. “

Their future plans for this gorgeous home are to redo the hardwood floors in a darker stain, update the kitchen, hang curtains in the den, tackle all the bathrooms, and continue re-storing the yard/garden to it’s former glory.  I would say from their current masterpiece that they will do an excellent job with future renovations!!  Thank you so much Amy!

{My one disclaimer for this shoot…we only had an hour and my camera was NOT working correctly!!  It kept dying and not taking pictures, the flash wouldn’t work, etc.  If anyone has a Canon body they want to get rid of, please let me know :)  I am a Canon girl at heart, this whole Nikon thing is kiiillliiinnnggg me!!}