Last fall, I was contacted by a lady named Sherrie who wanted me to come look at their house and help them figure out a way to renovate and re-design it.  I met with them, went away and starting thinking of ideas, and then got a phone call from Sherrie saying that her son was getting married and she wanted to put the house project on hold to help plan the wedding!!  She wanted me to help her throw a bridal shower and a rehearsal dinner…..plenty of fun details without having to deal with a bride’s big day….of course I told her I would do it.

We started off with the graphics…these were the three different options and the bride chose the third.

I had huge plans for the venue, the Creeds Ruritan Barn that has a gorgous pergola type structure and is surrounded by fields and horse farms.  I wanted a cluster of chandeliers in the center of the pergola with ombre circle garlands that went from the center (around the chandeliers) out to all edges of the pergola.  The entry table would have huge centerpieces and a ton of candles and each table would have a pretty centerpiece that tied in with the entry table.

Last Sunday, it was pouring.  Literally buckets of water falling out of the sky.  Thankfully, the barn also had an inside space which we were forced into.  The space was asymmetric, making it impossible to use the chandeliers and garland as I had planned so we had to quickly come up with plan B (we had only 2 hours to set up).  Thankfully my mom was there to help :)

Another great aspect of the day was having Melody Gillikin of Melody Gillikin Photography there to take pictures of the set-up.  Despite the weather, she was running outside in the rain to get shots of the entry, climbing on furniture, and generally performing acrobatic feats just to get THE pictures.  I am so grateful for her amazing attitude and talent!!  Here are some pictures of how the shower turned out…


I made this cake pop frame the morning of the event…….needless to say, my handwriting will not be a permanent fixture, but the frame will be available for rent (along with everything else in this blog)!