First off, happy April!!  Don’t be fooled, I am actually blogging (shwwaaah!??).  I am going to try to be a better business owner/blogger/human being this month, starting today.  Tuesdays will be dedicated to sharing insightful information, and today’s hot topic is hanging curtain panels.

Curtain panels are my favorite type of window treatment because they’re simple and subtle without being fussy.  My least favorite interior can be described as fussy…and I can’t even properly describe the image that comes to mind, I just know I don’t like it.  Despite how simple these window treatments are, people often make mistakes when installing them that jeopardize the whole look.  Next time you go to hang curtains (or if you want to correct the ones you’ve already hung) follow these simple rules and you will make your designer friends happy.

1.  Be sure to measure the window and purchase a rod long enough to allow the majority of the panels to hang OUTSIDE the window frame.  You want to allow the maximum amount of light into the room while just barely covering the window frame (literally it should only overhang an inch or two).  This will create an illusion that your windows are wider than they really are.

curtain panel width


2.  Hang the rod 6-8″ above the window trim to make your ceilings appear higher.  Some people suggest going all the way to the ceiling….but some ceilings are too high for that and will throw the proportion of the window off.

curtain panel height

3. Purchase the correct length curtains!!  Depending on the curtain type (grommet, clip, pocket, etc), figure out how the panels will hang and measure from the center of the rod to the ground.  The panel length you want will vary depending on the “look” you’re going for.  In order to vary the length of panels without purchasing custom you can tailor them (hem or add a panel to the bottom) OR you can change the hanging type.  For instance a rod pocket panel can be hung with ring clips to add 2-3 inches!

curtain panel length


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