Let me start with this….

TRADITIONAL=BORRRRIINNNGGGG (spoken in the valley girl accent circa Mean Girls era)

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk bridesmaid fashion, because what your girls wear is a reflection on your own style and taste.  The traditional look is pretty familiar to most brides {and their mothers} so doing something out of the box may introduce a little bit of hesitation.  I will admit that I fell off the creative wagon on this one and my girls all had the same long traditional dress…and it was cute but oh-so-boring!  Ultimately, it’s the bride’s day so instead of convincing your mother’s how styles change over the years, I am aiming to show you {through images} how much better your bridesmaids look when you put a little bit of effort and creativity into their appearance.  Let’s start off with some fashion fails to really drive the point home…

Royal blue bridesmaids dresses, featured in Ben & Angie

Bridesmaids in floral prints - Justin Worboys Photography

Getting married in the winter or just love all things glam?  Put your girls in some sparkle, they look FABULOUS…and why wouldn’t you want fabulous people surrounding you on your big day!?

Sparkly bridesmaids dresses // Photography: Melissa and Beth

sparkly bridesmaids dresses

Sparkly #bridesmaid dress! Image via Wedding Gifts Direct.


Ombre dresses and/or dresses in different shades of similar colors…have been really popular lately {because they’re gorgeous…}

Peach Pink Bridesmaids Dresses | photography by Josselyn Peterson

Soft and pretty bridesmaids! Photography by Benjamin + Elise.

Aqua and mint! What a fun bridesmaids


love this for the bridesmaids. skirts in all different hues of blue and white tops.

You could also do a ton of different style or pattern dresses that are all in the same color palette…

Mustard inspiration for bridesmaids - 100 Layer Cake. Photography by Julia Robbs. For more #bridesmaid inspiration visit

mismatched bridesmaids

Purple Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Another subtle idea is to keep them in the same (albeit fashionable) dresses and change up certain parts of their wardrobe….shoes, jewelry, or even stockings!

Fabulous winter bridesmaid fashion

Super cute bridesmaid skirts instead of dresses. Each girl picks out their own blouse. These actually can be worn again! And much less expensive! hmmm

mix and match bridesmaid shoes

OR do the opposite and put them in completely different dresses but have one unifying element…like flowers, pattern, shoes, or jewelry!

gorgeous sunny bridesmaids! | Ryan Ray #wedding

matching bridesmaids with a twist in this vintage country chic wedding from intertwined events | britt rene photo

black bridesmaid dresses and white bouquets

mix and match navy

cowboy boots

Florida Fashion | Behind the Scenes

And now, just to show that i’m not completely unrealistic, I can agree to the same dress throughout the bridal party on some occasions.  They have to be super fun and/or super fashionable.  Here are some examples.

emma case photography

Polka dot bridesmaid dresses | Amy Majors Photography


Now, remember that just because the dresses don’t need to match, you’re still going to have to have the girls adhere to some sort of rule so they don’t get too carried away.  The unifying elements are key!!!


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