If you’ve been following Style by Design on Facebook, or even our previous blog, you were {hopefully} well aware that the business has been going through some MAJOR changes recently!!

The biggest challenge has been trying to create a more interactive website that includes a blog.  My reasoning behind combining the two sites:
1) I would no longer have to update both of them {let’s pretend that I actually updated the old one…}
2) When you search SBD on Google, the blog came up first and people never actually saw the website
3) I have too many services now to fit on my previous website’s template

Not only have I combined the two, but i’ve also purchased a .com website.  Nothing close to StylebyDesign, SBD, Style-by-Design was available for less than $3,000 {yes, there are people who actually pay that much just for a domain name}, so I chose sbdva.com….even though we also work in North Carolina….

I have always wanted a website that was fun and energetic; the complete opposite of most bridal websites and more along the lines of design and fashion websites.  When designing a website, I think it’s most important to grab people’s attention on the home page while providing a simple, user-friendly design, rich with information.  What do you think about the design?  Success?  In case you actually hate it, I can assure you that the design will change at some point.  It really is hard nailing down {and sticking to} one idea when you have soooo many!

Another thing that will be changing in 2012 is that I will be blogging less but hopefully creating more information rich blogs.  I have some REALLY cool stuff that i’m planning to do this year.  I’m not going to nail myself down to a certain number per week {we all know how hard it is to actually commit…} but you can expect about 2-4.  The rest of my time is going to be spent on my lovely clients who seem to be coming out of the woodworks these days!!  I’ve never been busier and I only have you guys to thank for that!

If you haven’t checked out the rest of the site yet, please do {I mean, it took so much freakin’ time to make that you better check it out ;) Ha!}!!  Also, don’t forget to tell your friends about Style by Design, cross-post on Facebook, and check out our amazing preferred vendors!!

Love you guys!!