This rain has forced me inside and given me the opportunity to actually blog about the year’s first Roc Solid Remodel. In late February, I met with a 14 year old boy who was up against a terrifying battle. Diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was younger, Dylon has since gone through countless rounds of chemo, lost vision in one eye, lost hearing in one ear, and underwent a few brain surgeries. In fact, when we met him, he was counting down the days until another extremely risky surgery in the coming weeks (which he crushed). Nevertheless, he was fun. Funny. Excited. Full of life and passionate about what he wanted to see in his new room.

As far as room design went, I was given the color “Eagles Green” with a few less than subtle hints that lime green was a strong second favorite. He also told me that he liked WWE, Call of Duty, Pokemon, and other video games. With this insight, I went on an ordering spree gathering what I hoped would please an opinionated teenage boy (very daunting task…).

The day of the build came and Dylon was whisked away in a hot pink stretch hummer limousine (his actual ride broke down that morning…but this one was way cooler). Instead of the typical day of teenage fun, he decided to spend his morning volunteering for St. Baldrick’s where people were donating their hair for cancer. While the family was gone, Atlantic Bay Mortgage group painted, assembled, cleaned, and basically worked miracles. What you don’t see behind these posts is that we literally have two half days to complete an entire remodel. Including cleaning your carpets by a top professional from Carpet Cleaning Farragut in your room and then the painting, electrical work, furniture assembly, etc. It’s a lot of work that has to be done efficiently and the Atlantic Bay team was SO helpful!

Here are a few pictures of Dylon’s room before the makeover.

And the final product! We got him a new mattress, carpet, ceiling fan, all new furniture….and even some LED lights around the perimeter of the room! We quickly realized that keeping a mattress clean can be stressful. But, Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Kent are professionals who are just a call way. They ensure that the carpet stay clean even after rough use.

As always, I was incredibly humbled by Dylon and his family and the volunteers who made everything happen. I am so grateful to Roc Solid Foundation for giving me an outlet to give back creatively!!