Jewelry Designer?

On our recent trip to Puerto Rico, my husband I got into a drunken “argument” about my career and what I spend my time on {said “argument” started as a conversation with us and some friends and turned a little awkward when I walked off…ya know, the usual}.  While he was right in the fact that I do too much and spread myself too thin…he was also right the next day when he told me that I am incredibly talented in everything that I set out to do {part of his sober grovelling the next day}…ha.  All joking aside, I honestly believe that there is no limit to what a truly creative person can accomplish.

While sitting on the beach the day after this “argument,” I quietly turned to my friend Heba and said “Don’t laugh, but listen to what i’m about to say to Eric…he’s going to flip his sh!t again.”  I put my game face on and walked over to my husband with a pile of stuff I had collected off the beach and said in my best serious voice  “I really think I could make some cool jewelry out of this stuff.  Have you seen the crap they’re selling at the hotel?  Mine could be SO MUCH better than that…I think I should start designing jewelry.”  He looked at me sideways and smartly replied something along the lines of “you would be great at that,” and left it alone.  Once he realized I was just messing with him, we all had a little laugh and the conversation was over…until I got home and couldn’t decide what to do with all the cool stuff I found on the beach {yes, I brought it alllll home as a souvenir from our trip…since I was too cheap to purchase one…}.

I started looking on Pinterest and Etsy and found some cool jewelry and knick knacks, but nothing I really loved and nothing using the types of stuff I brought home.  Nevertheless, I was still inspired by all the stuff I saw, so I started messing around with the idea of making some jewelry.  I found a few pieces from my pile of stuff and decided that I was going to make necklaces.  I drove over to Michaels and spent about an hour in the jewelry aisle trying to figure out how I would make a necklace and what the hell I would need to make one.  I ended up buying an assortment of goodies and headed back home to play around.

Now, for all you judgemental jessie’s, keep an open mind…this is my first time ever even attempting to make jewelry.  I’m pretty proud of how it turned out and you will definitely see me rocking these gems all over town!!

Two “ombre” seed bead necklaces.  I need to figure out how to make these so they stay in order!!  Yes, I am OCD.

A sea urchin with gold “tassles” which was made to look like a jellyfish! My absolute favorite!!!

Two “bar” necklaces…great for layering!

Coral chunk necklace.

An arrowhead…I’m part Chickasaw Indian, gotta have that arrowhead.  They come in lots of fancy colors too!

A nautilus shell that I painted with a gold accent swirl.

A teeeny tiny anchor pendant.  I recently saw one similar to this at TJ Maxx for $140 (yikes!).

And just to prove that not everything turns out as planned, here’s a progress picture of a necklace that failed miserably.

The moral of this story is that I can do whatever I want to do…and that’s why I love my job and I know i’m always going to be doing what makes me happy.  Now here’s a few pictures from our trip to make you green with envy ;)



 Interior Designer/Graphic Designer/Wedding Planner/Florist/Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Jewelry Designer/WHATEVERTHEHELLIFEELLIKEBEING.