A few months back, I started a new architecture/interiors project at Donald Blount & Associates.  We like to always have new concept projects going on to keep our name out there aaaand keep our minds fresh.  I decided on this project because of the floating home craze that has started in the northwest (places like Seattle…) and because I wanted to scale back from my last project (basically a mansion fit for a king).

What I did to begin the project was look online for barges for sale.  I found a 60′ x 20′ barge and decided to use it as the base on which to build my “home.”  It was probably the cheapest waterfront “lot” you could ever think about purchasing ;)

For the interior, I wanted to give the space a clean and contemporary feeling without making it too cold and uninviting.  The chic Victorian elements used throughout the space are my fave!!

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