Late last year, I got a call from Dr. Harper, of Harper Dental Care in Poquoson (this useful reference will give you more information).  He explained how he found SBD online {I guess this blogging thing does work out in the end…} and wanted me to help him create a design plan for the interior of the dental office he purchased.  The office used to be an old home and hadn’t been updated in a while, so we decided to temporarily update the space….temporarily because in a few years he plans to gut the entire building!!  We decided to make cost effective changes that would create the greatest impact while keeping in mind that most of it will be different in a few years.

We hired Clark Development Corporation in Norfolk to handle all of the nitty gritty details (wallpaper removal, painting, shelving, trim work, etc.) and decided to complete the work while the office was closed for the holidays!  The guys even worked Christmas/New Year’s Eve and weekends to get the job done….now that’s dedication!

First and foremost, the wallpaper had.to.come.down.  It was making a room that already struggled for natural light look even darker.  Once the wallpaper was gone, I chose some light and airy colors for the walls, re-painted the fireplace, re-upholstered the chairs, and purchased new art and furniture that could be carried into the plans for the future.

…and after.

Since Dr. Harper wanted to stay true to his taste and the Poquoson community, we added nautical touches throughout the space.  My favorite of which was the art installation done by my incredibly talented friend, Pete Buescher of Pandion Art & Design.  He created a collage of pencil renderings and hand sketches of boats and boat plans…including the dentist’s own boat!!

The waiting room has subtle holiday hints…something that will change with every season!!

The reception area wallpaper also came down (hallelujah!).  I chose a wall and accent color that would make the company’s logo pop, closed in the cluttered shelves, added trim to the reception desk and the window, and painted over the wood front on the reception desk.

The restrooms were also stripped of the wallpaper and updated to match the theme of the rest of the space.

The hallway leading out of the exam rooms is where the treats for well-behaved kiddos were stashed….we just came up with a more appealing way to display them!

The patient consultation room got all new furniture and built-in shelving…

…the hygiene rooms were painted and got new art {nautical prints on old dictionary paper}!
Finally, the dentist’s area got a new coat of paint too…a fresh white that will provide the best background for the dental work done on your pearly whites!! {if you’re dentist’s walls are colored…run!}  Another neat detail is that those fish on the walls are made of surfboards.  Awesome, right?!

Throughout this process, I came to realize how much Dr. Harper and his staff actually care about their clients and their experience at Harper Dental Care…you couldn’t ask for much more from your Dentist!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work on this project with the wonderful people behind Harper Dental Care….next step, Dr. Harper’s home!!