Ever since I was a little girl (literally starting around age 6-ish), I would ask for a tour every time I first visited a friend’s house.  When I got home I would actually draw a floor plan from what I remembered and change it up a little bit {to make it better..duh}.  I had a collection of interior and exterior drawings that were my “dream houses.”  As weird and creepy as that may have sounded when I was a little kid, it only solidifies the fact that I am now doing what i’ve always wanted to do.

One of my friends recently came to me with the best idea i’ve heard in a while…she told me that I should start a regular blog post where I go into people’s houses, take pictures, and interview them about what they’ve done to the house since moving in, their favorite rooms, and their future plans.  These posts can be on an entire house {like this one} or just a single room.  If you have a fabulous house {or room} or know someone who does, PLEASE send me an e-mail {amy@sbdva.com} so we can set up a crash date!!  Even if you are out of the area, we can do everything virtually…no limitations here!

I went to high school with Sarah and Justin a long long longgg time ago {yes, I just aged us all}.  Over the past few years, we reconnected through our mutual interest in the bridal community….they own Lovell Productions, an amazing cinematography company…and because of how conveniently close we live to one another!  When I first saw their house, I was very impressed.  It’s not often that you find a couple our age who owns a gorgeous home and actually has the time and money to make it their own with special little creative touches.  These two certainly fit that bill and you’re about to see why…

Immediately inside the front door there’s an adorable dividing wall with glass panels that seperates the dining room from the entryway.

The dining room opens up into a huge sunken living area that showcases some amazing instruments collected from all over the world during their travels.

They even used this xylophone as a side table.  SUPER clever…the kinds of things I love to see :)

Just past the dining room and living area is the huge naturally lit kitchen…to die for.

If you haven’t caught a climpse of the Lovell’s child, meet Gibson {appropriately named after the guitar brand}:

Their guest bathroom showcases an idea that I am 100% stealing {at least I admit when I’m copying someone, right?}  Everytime they visit a beach, they collect some sand to bring home in little test tubes.  Love.

Above the garage is the first guest bedroom with these adorable pillows.  Don’t ask why, I just love them.

Over on the other side of the house there are 3 more bedrooms, including the master.  The first bedroom is another guest bedroom…..perhaps a future nursery one day!?

 In between the two guests is a guest bathroom…

The middle bedroom is where Lovell Productions makes the magic happen {actual production magic, not what you’re thinking} but I only got a shot of the amazing photo collage in the hallway leading up to it.

Finally, the last bedroom is their master.

Last, but not least, Justin’s man cave.

Sarah was nice enough to answer some questions for all of you out there dying to know more behind the designs :)

What attracted you to this house?

Everything! It’s not common to find an updated English Tudor with an open floor plan in my area. We were in love immediately.

After you moved in, what was your first design project?

We had to start with the basics, which was repainting the entire house, replacing the carpeting in the den and refinishing the hardwood floors in the dining room. The fun stuff came a little after. Justin’s first priority was his man cave while mine was our bedroom. I love that Justin cares as much about the design of our house as I do. He’s picked out a lot of the pieces!

How would you describe your design style?

It’s hard to describe it as one particular style. I love to keep everything simple and clean, with a lot of natural elements.

Where do you like to shop for furniture and decor?

My go to store is definitely TJ Maxx/Home Goods. I love that every time I visit the store I never know what unique piece I’ll find. Some days I have no luck while other days I score several items. That’s the fun of it! I also LOVE Home Emporium in Chesapeake.

What is the next project that you guys plan to undertake?

Justin’s big project is the landscaping (which in my opinion is the hardest!) and mine is my home office. Now that I work from home, I need a space that is functional, yet inspires me creatively.

What was your favorite design project?

The chalkboard wall in our kitchen is my favorite design project we completed. Our family, friends, and I have so much fun with it! We’ve had lots of fun birthday messages written on it at parties. And this past Thanksgiving, we had 20+ turkey hands all over it! And I love that it goes to the floor, so one day our kids will have just as much fun with it.

What is your favorite room in the house?

The living room is definitely my favorite room because there are so many different things about it I love. The natural light coming through the sky lights. The 10 foot book shelf that was almost impossible to move in. The marble coffee table we repainted. And all of Justin’s musical instruments…his piano and guitars and a wooden xylophone we picked up while on vacation in Believe that we repurposed as an end table.

What is one piece of advice that you can give someone who is currently trying to fix up their home?

Don’t rush! One thing that’s very important to me is not buying something just to fill a need. I had bare walls in my dining room for more months than I’d like to admit, but I was resolved to wait until I found something perfect for the space.  I was very patient, and I think it paid off in finding the pieces I love.

I want to send a huge thank you to the Lovells for welcoming me into your home and, more often than not, feeding me alcoholic beverages while I wander around your house to take pictures.  Love ya :)