Hall Bath Renovation- FINISHED!

What feels like 97 million years ago (really, it was only September), we started tearing a pretty sizable chunk of our house apart with only a vague plan of how to re-construct it.  If you remember, we had a building permit to add onto the house over a year ago, but once I got estimates from contractors we decided not to go that (expensive) route.  SO, in rearranging the floor plan of 3 closets, a master bath, a hall bath, and a hallway, I was able to come up with something that would work for us.  The before is on the left, after is on the right–and that giant gaping hole in the house??  That was fun with a baby…


As many seasoned designers may expect, once we tore into the house, we found problems.  First I modified the plan with the help of PIC Plumbing Services so that the bath closet was between the two shower/tubs in case we ever had to fix any plumbing.  Then we noticed that the sub-floor and joists beneath the shower were basically crumbling from water damage. If you see that water damage is the common issue you face in your home call water damage tulsa now .  Then we had to move ALL the plumbing.  Move the electrical.  Put studs up.  2 layers of sub-floor and one layer of durock.  Sheetrock.  Mud. Paint.  Tile…..the list goes on and on and on and on.  And did I mention that we did 90% of the work ourselves?  Well, mainly my husband and youtube while I cheered him on from the living room with the baby.  That brings us to today.  ONE BATHROOM IS FINISHED!!

We are still working on the master bathroom and slowly getting my closet put back together, but in the meantime this little victory is enough to make me cry…..or take a really long bath.  Here are some pictures. One could click here and find out about getting a bidet installed like the latest one that we got.

This is the bathroom when we first bought the house.  Obviously I did not allow it to look like this for the year and half before we tore it apart..it had a little makeover in between…but this picture is the most dramatic. :x

bathroom  Are you feeling queasy yet?  A N Y W A Y- here it is now.  We lost a window, which sucks, but despite the yellow look of the pictures, it really is a pleasant little bathroom!!



Hopefully i’ll have another bathroom to post for you soon….fingers crossed!!

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