To say that 2015 flew by is the understatement of the century.  The biggest and most important year of my life thus far and I blinked–BLINKED–and it’s gone.  Though that may sound a bit depressing, we’ve made so many amazing memories this year [both personally and professionally] that I wouldn’t change one. single. thing.

I am the proud owner of a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl who will be 1 in a few days-how that is even possible is beyond me.  Against ALL odds, we’ve almost made it to the 1 year breastfeeding mark.  Eva loves to say Hi to every person she sees and accompanies it with a cute little pageant wave [elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist].  She also says “hey baby” to all babies, babydolls, pictures of babies…sometimes old people…and loves to bark at dogs.  Her curly hair is getting a little bit unruly but damn if it won’t make for the cutest beach hair this summer.  She has 3, almost 4 teeth.  She’s starting to walk and crawl-runs whenever walking isn’t convenient.  Eva is literally the light of our lives and we love her unconditionally- even though I haven’t slept 5 hours straight since becoming pregnant.  Here’s a little montage (our Holiday/New Year’s card) of the past year of her life…


I’ve continued to grow my business in the direction i’ve always dreamed, even while raising said beautiful baby girl without child care.  This year I have been sooo lucky to be blessed with clients who understand that my family came first.  Ever since she was 2 weeks old, Eva has been to almost every job site, shopping trip, and meeting with me.  Ever since I was in college, I knew I wanted to be a “hospitality designer” doing restaurants and shops…and this year I designed and/or opened 2 restaurants, 1 brewery, 1 deli/catering company, a jewelry store, and a gym/spa.  Some of these blog posts are extremely delayed…but I will get my act together in the new year.  I was also humbled to be a part of  Roc Solid room renovations for a few extremely deserving cancer fighters.  The strength children show when faced with a beast of an illness is remarkable.  I can tell you with certainty that there isn’t an adult in the world that would handle the situation with a positive attitude like these kids do.  They were, hands-down, my most rewarding clients of the year.  Here is a montage of some of the interior design projects!!


Despite doing absolutely no marketing and continuing to base my business of word-of-mouth, our wedding coordination/design side of the business has continued to grow. Almost all of our wedding clients also hired us to design their event for them this year, which was a change from 2014.  I delved more into the floral design aspect of weddings, and definitely enjoyed it!!  We now offer planning, coordination, floral design, and some graphic design.  Again-taking the business in the direction I always planned, becoming that one-stop wedding design shop! Here are some images from a few of our 2015 weddings.


Our house is finally getting to a point that I may be running out of projects….just kidding i’ll always have something to change/work on ;)  Our major renovation that left a gaping hole in the center of our house and forced us to share the one tiny functioning bathroom in the guest room is ALMOST DONE!! [ before on the left, after on the right ]  My amazing husband has done 99% of the work and I couldn’t be more proud of my handy-man.  Now we just need to finish this up because cleaning up construction dust daily with a baby is not fun.  I will be sure to do some blog posts once the rooms are done…


It has truly been an amazing year and I can only hope that 2016 can hold a candle to it.  If you are interested in following us in the day-to-day, our Instagram page is a must [ @style_by_design ]!!  Again, thank you all for your support and I wish each and every one of you a fabulously happy and healthy new year!!

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