15 holidays: Christmas PJ’s

Now here’s a completely random post for you.

Here’s the Christmas morning scene from my house growing up….At 6am, you finally decide it’s an acceptable time to wake up from not actually sleeping all night in anticipation of all the gifts downstairs.  You walk out of your room to scope out the scene and realize that theres a rope– an actual rope –at the top of the stairs keeping you from peeking and that everyone else is still asleep.  You sneak into your sister’s room and start shaking her (definitely not a gentle wake-up) so she will join you at the top of the stairs to wait.  You both jump on your brother’s bed and wake him up, then you all 3 head into your parent’s room to annoy them out of slumber.  Finalllllly, they are awake enough to allow you downstairs but they insist on going down first…to start the video camera.  Let me digress….a VIDEO CAMERA?!  You look worse than death….crusty eyes, caterpillar eyebrows, t-shirt from the 1800’s barely hanging on by threads, hair that looks like a bird laid its nest in your head overnight, and panty lines that would make your grandma blush.  Cute, yea?  Well, I am here to save the day.  Go to the bathroom.  Wash you face and brush your teeth.  Tame those eyebrows and brush that nest head.  THEN, put on some festive PJ’s to hide your pantylines and saunter downstairs as if you always wake up looking like an angel.

To the point of this actual blog (too much coffee this morning).  Cute Christmas PJ’s:


target christmas pjs

Old Navy:

old navy christmas pjs


gap christmas pjs

And finally my favorite, no this is not a joke, family style footies from snugasabug.com 

snugasabug christmas pjs


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