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15 holidays: Christmas PJ’s

Now here’s a completely random post for you. Here’s the Christmas morning scene from my house growing up&#View full post »

15 Holi-days: Garland Decor

Garlands are found year-round, especially in the wedding community…but they’re most often found in the homeView full post »


So if you’re a Christmas decorating fiend, you’ve probably seen these for sale at Anthropologie.  Why onView full post »

15 Holi-DAYS: Black, White, and Green Holiday Decor

I can’t believe i’m doing this again…it’s been years.  I’m going to kick myself in a fewView full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Festive Fingernails}

Unfortunately when I think of themed nails, all I can think of is the little scenes people used to get airbrushed ontoView full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Wedding Inspiration}

I have literally spent 3 hours today trying to come up with ONE inspiration board.  At this point, i’m giving upView full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Window Decor}

I can’t think of anything better to brighten up this rainy day than to look out of my window and seeView full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Holiday Heels}

Need a fabulous new pair of shoes to wear to your next Christmas party?  Here are some of my favorites and they’View full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Pretty Packages}

The gifts that sit under your tree for a month should not only be abundant (ha), but they should also be pretty!  IView full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Rustic Wedding}

I am mildly obsessed with plaid this season and think it would make absolutely the most adorable accent to any winterView full post »


Enough of these fatty cravings (yesterday it was cookies, today it’s cakes)….I’m indulging today. View full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Festive Cookies}

I’m really hungry right now and REALLY craving some cookies.  This blog does not help my situation in the least&#View full post »

25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS {Furry Friends}

If you don’t have the time to take family pictures (or hate doing it), think about sending your Christmas cardsView full post »

25 Days of Christmas {Wreaths}

Your front door is the first impression your guests get from your home.  Why not make the door a little more festive toView full post »