I’m going to start off by apologizing for my lack of posts lately…with the past 3 weekends we’ve had wedding after wedding after wedding, PLUS I am working on a huuuuge special project that will be unveiled in less than a week.  So bear with me, but I promise it’s going to be worth it :)  I might even be on TV…….gah!! :/

On to the good stuff…

Last night, my cousin Laurabeth married her long-time boyfriend and I had the honor of playing mistress of ceremonies/florist!  The venue she chose, Alexander’s on the Bay, was absolutely perfect for a small to mid size wedding.  All of the windows and large back deck provide spectacular views because it’s literally about 30 feet from the water.  The ceremony was on the beach and afterwards we came inside for dinner and dancing.  While her professional pictures, taken by Travis Illapit, aren’t back yet (obviously, since it was last night) I still wanted to share some of the pictures that I took!

Laurabeth and Tom’s first look….yes, I was hiding behind the chairs to stay out of Travis’s way :)  Aren’t they so freaking adorable!?

Here’s an amateur picture of all of the bouquets for the bridal party…

And those gorgeous ladies with their bouquets {minus LB…I wanted her to stay with the professional photog!}

These cupcakes…….to.die.for.

Another shot of Tom, the groom.

And finally, Laurabeth’s dad, my uncle Greg, with hers and Tom’s son, Nathan.

Once the rest of the pictures come in, I will share the rest of the wedding details :)