A lot of our clients opt to have SBD create their wedding graphics so that they can save money while getting a custom designed graphic…yes, I said SAVE money.  When you go to a place like Wedding Paper Divas, you can end up spending almost $2 per save the date and it’s not customized….you want to change one word, but that’s not possible!!  I usually lead my brides to WPD, Pinterest, or other inspiration sites first so that they can get an idea of the design they want to emulate.  Once they find a few favorites, we meet and discuss the parts they like and don’t like and I get to the first draft of the design.  I am going to use one of my current brides as the example here….

Suzanne and Tristan are getting married in October of this year.  Since the couple is from California and a lot of their guests are from out of town, we decided to get started immediately on the Save the Date design.  We decided on using their engagement pictures and having a postcard style graphic (saves $$ on postage!!).  They sent me a few inspiration pictures to get my mind rolling on the type of save the date they wanted…

Pinned Image

Suzanne and Tristan ultimately ended up liking this one the most because it fit the aspect ratio of the pictures they wanted to use…

We played around with the colors and text a lot, but ultimately decided on this as the final product:


Back (we left room for rounded corners, the stamp, and a sticker address line!):

Suzanne even sent me one to add to my graphics board in my office :)