WEDDING ADVICE {Photography}

Photography is one of the most treasured forms of documentation from a person’s life.  A simple picture has the ability to tell a story about the subject…it can portray a thousand words with a single image.  Without photographs, I would have never known how similar my mom and I looked at age 16, how happy and youthful my grandmother looked before she had multiple strokes (I have no memories of her pre-stroke), the pure joy in my father-in-law’s eyes when he was holding my husband at a young age, the courage and determination my grandfather possessed right before heading off to war, or that my parent’s story of illegally sailing to cuba and spearfishing for 2 months was actually true -__- .  I am literally sitting here holding back tears thinking about all the history I would have missed without these images.  They are treasures that will hopefully be passed down for generations to come…way after i’m long gone.

Thankfully in this day in age we also have video…another extremely important form of documentation.  I LOVE watching old videos of me and my siblings and cousins as kids.  We were freaking hilarious.  I can’t even imagine not having videos of my childhood and will absolutely document as many memories as possible of my own children.  I curse myself daily for not having spent the money for a videographer on my own wedding…especially now that two of my good friends own a videography company!!!

ANYWAY, with all of that said, you know how important I think photography and videography are.  I think it’s a necessary investment that every person should make…whether you’re hiring a photographer or investing in the best lens for landscape photography or purchasing a disposable camera and getting pictures developed.

Now, let’s talk about enriching the quality of these photographs and videos…

Anyone who studies wedding pictures, has had a professional photo shoot, has worked on a photo shoot, and/or pins photos on Pinterest knows that having props at your photo/video session (engagement/wedding/babies/boudoir/etc) adds a certain peronal touch to the final outcome… they help tell a story about the couple that a simple snapshot wouldn’t be able to portray.  Props are a way for a couple to portray their interests, hobbies, and true personalities through an image, making your photo investment even more of a keepsake.

I asked a few of my photographer friends what kinds of things they ask their clients to bring and compiled the following list…this list by no means encompasses the realm of ideas and ways that people express themselves, it’s just a starting point…so get creative!!  Also, if you have particular shots in mind, make sure you get a list (photo examples or written list) of shots you want to your photographer!!

A picture of your parents or grandparents from their wedding day…

Your wedding graphics!!

Ring shot props…

Personalized shoes…

Something old and sentimental like your grandfather’s handkerchief…

Flags, ribbons, etc.

Sunglasses…perfect for a fun sunny day!!

A pretty hanger for your dress…

Any kind of signage…

Your favorite furry friend…my favorite pictures from our wedding included little Layla bug!!

Other prop ideas…..


umbrellas & rainboots for a stormy day…making the most of what God gives you!! Thanks Macon Photography for this image. These umbrellas are up for rent from Styled. too!!

 Frames…also available at Styled.

I also asked my friend Sarah from Lovell Productions what things they want their clients to bring with them or provide when they’re being filmed…because just like a photograph, each film tells a story.  In order to make their films more meaningful, there are certain things the Lovell’s ask their clients to do to enrich the story that is being told.  Filming the bride reading a letter her groom wrote her on their wedding day, having a grandmother tell stories about her own wedding day, getting the best man’s embarassing speech documented, showing a couple in love playfully interacting on camera doing things that they love to do, an expectant mother reading a letter to her unborn child….these things are all invaluable memories!!

SO, here’s the moral of my whole rant.  Take the time to talk with your photographer and videographer about your lives/interests/love story and then go the extra mile and put the effort in to making your shoot more personalized.  This extra mile will infinitely enrich the quality of the story your photos and video portray…a story that you will pass down for generations to come!!

Thank you to my fabulous vendor friends Lovell Productions, Macon Photography, Stephanie Judd Photography, Sarah Street Photography, and Marie Violet Photography for your input!!  You guys rock ;)