Virtual Interior Design allows people from all over the world to take advantage of hiring an interior designer to spruce up their room while staying on (or under) budget!  The following options reflect the pricing for one room only.  If the your home consists of one open area, other charges may apply.

Option One
{$100 usd}
This option is for the person who has a good handle on the design situation and just wants some advice from a professional.  You will e-mail several pictures of the space, important dimensions, and a description of your ideas or concerns about the space.  I will then respond with detailed written design advice for the layout and decor within the space.

Option Two
{$225 usd}
This option is for the person who needs more extensive design help and either has the ability to visualize my ideas, or who completely trusts my opinion ;) You will e-mail me pictures of the entire space from several angles, dimensions, budget information, design ideas, and concerns for the space.  I will then create a design board showing my suggested colors, materials, furniture, and accessories for the space.  With this design board, you will also recieve a detailed description of my reasons for choosing these items as well as direct links to purchase the suggested items.


Option Three
{$500 usd}
This option is for the person who wants to start from scratch and see exactly what they’re going to get before beginning the project.  You will send me exact dimensions (height/length/width of all architectural features) of the space including any windows or doors, pictures from all angles of the space, and your design goals and spacial concerns.  I will then select materials, fixtures, furniture, and accessories for the space and create renderings showing how the space will look in 3D.