I don’t think a room is truly finished until it has crown & base moulding.  Not only do these types of trim look good, but they can also trick the eye to make your room look even nicer.  Here’s how…

1.  A genius way to make your inexpensive Home Depot trim look like it came from a custom lumber yard? Add an extra piece of trim and paint the wall in between to bulk up the look!!

base and crown moulding idea

2.  Painting trim is always the tedious task that gets put off and put off and put off…until you realize that your once white trim is now brown or that the trim you installed 5 years ago still hasn’t even been primed and painted (both have happened to me, sorry to say).  I used to loathe this task until I started to use a spackle knife as my guide (typically used for mudding drywall).


3.  Crown moulding can also hide wires you want to run around a room without having to rip up the drywall!!

crown hiding wires

4. Finally, moulding is the most maddening thing to try and cut.  The corners NEVER turn out right and you end up wasting product.  –> Here <–  is a link to some cutting tips…but if you’re like me and too impatient, here is a trick to make the installation a whole helluva lot easier.  Use a corner piece and butt the moulding right up to it!!

crown corner


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