ONE YEAR AGO, Covid caught us all by surprise. It brought many sudden and drastic changes to our lives, but not all of them were negative. It forced us to slow down. Being stuck inside made me appreciate the value (necessity) in connecting with others. I did everything I could to get outside. Took lotsss of walks. Walks that lead to conversations with other interaction starved neighbors. Cindy Johnson, part owner of Studio Five Twelve is one of those neighbors.

A definite upside to the pandemic, the Johnsons are a like-minded, active, and fun family…and to top it all off, Cindy told me she was thinking of opening her own salon. My ears obviously perked up at that. Over a few back yard beverages with our new besties, I asked questions and gave advice where I could. I ended up helping with space planning and contract documents. My involvement in the project lead to two more friends, the other owners of the salon, Shelby and Sonia. After a few months, I wore them all down to a point where they eventually gave in and just let me take the reins on the design. SCORE!

Studio Five Twelve is located on 22nd street, right in the heart of Ghent. (right next to Hot House Yoga and Pelons). This is what the space looked like before we got involved….pretty basic.

So we changed the floorpan to include a nicer ADA compatible restroom, an employee/color room, and a janitor’s closet. We changed the ceiling tiles and lighting. New flooring. Fresh paint…..and voila. After a few months of hard work from the contractors, Studio Five Twelve was born.

These women are the best of the best around here…they know their stuff!! Their client’s experience is always a priority and it shows in all aspects of this salon’s atmosphere. Thank you thank you thank you to these fabulous boss babes!!