About a month ago, my intern Alexxus and I were able to meet Landon…an 11 year old boy battling cancer. He’s the sweetest, most excited little dude who LOVES How to Train Your Dragon and art. We were so happy to be able to give him a castle themed room that can grow with him over the years. He got a wood wall (think drawbridge…), a castle “headboard,” a new tv, a fold-down desk, and lots of other cool things.

The volunteers at Roc Solid truly had their game faces on for this build because EVERYTHING was done early and I had about 45 minutes to myself to arrange furniture/accessories!!

Here are some before pictures of his room.

2016-08-20_0002 2016-08-20_0001

And the “after”

2016-08-20_0003 2016-08-20_0005

2016-08-20_0004 2016-08-20_0006


Here’s a video (mostly sound bytes) of Landon seeing his room for the first time!

IMG_9733 from Amy Stanley on Vimeo.

Keeping this little man and his family in our prayers as he slaaaays cancer!!!

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