Imagine going in to the emergency room with flu symptoms and coming out with cancer–In the blink of an eye, the Greene family’s life changed. Last November, after a trip to the emergency room, it was confirmed that their 11 year old son had Hodgkins lymphoma.  After battling it for 6 months, he was finally declared cancer free in April…and we celebrated by giving them a Roc Solid Renovation.

I was surprised by how much I loved the Greene’s home…tucked waaay back next to a hunting lodge, they had horses and other animals roaming the gorgeous country property.  When Jackson was diagnosed with cancer, the family had been mid-renovation.  They obviously dropped everything and concentrated all of their efforts on their son, so the Roc Solid Foundation came in and finished everything for them–giving them the fresh start they needed.  Here are some before and after pictures of the rooms!

Starting with the sunroom, this was one space that we did for the parents.  The floors were finished by Cherry Carpet and we decorated the room with new furniture and accessories to give Ashley and Andy a place to relax and escape.  Here is the “before” picture–a room halfway through a remodel…


And after:


Next, we went upstairs to 15 year old Arynne’s room.  Her room was in desperate need of a closet, as most FROG’s are, but the ceilings sloped everywhere…except on the random platform that most frogs have (what are they for?!!!).  So we built up on the platform and gave her a closet! Here is the before picture:


And after…



Next up was Addy’s room.  When I heard she loved horses, I knew I had found my calling (I used to own and show a horse for the first half of my life…and still can’t quit those creatures.).  I designed a barn wood wall, some rustic/country accessories, and even gave her her very own stall door (barn door for those who aren’t familiar) since she didn’t have a working bedroom door before.  Here is a picture of her room before:


And after…

2015-05-22_0007 Finally, we remodeled the boy’s bedroom…shared by Jackson and his younger brother Parker.  Unfortunately I had to leave before this room was finished (they got all new furniture which had to be assembled) AND some of their furniture didn’t come in in time (master of improvisation is part of a designer’s job title), so I only have cell phone pictures….but you get the gist.  Fishing, hunting, rustic–BOY.  Here is the before:


And the after…


I was so happy to help this family fall back in love with their home.  I hope it helps propel them forward and out of cancer’s shadow!!  Thanks again to all of the amazing sponsors.  Here are just a few…BB&T, All First Industrial Contractors, Massimo Zanetti, the North Suffolk Rotary Club, Cherry Carpet, Sherwin Williams

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