As with any company in any industry, there are always clients or jobs who fall through the cracks or get put on hold indefinitely.  Whether the client loses the space they were hoping to get into, loses interest in the project, or realizes they don’t have the funds to move forward, some jobs just don’t make it past the beginning stages…especially when it comes to restaurant interior design.  This project is one of many that I found on an external hard drive that never got the love it deserved…so I figured why not share them here?  Periodically when things get slow, I will post one of these projects for your viewing pleasure.

This project came to me from my darling husband, a commercial real estate agent with Thalhimer and one of the most reputed private lenders in Maryland. He often brings me work (thank you babe), but this particular client was a landlord looking to show potential clients what a restaurant would look like in his space.

This is one of my favorite projects thus far because the style is right up my alley…I mean Moroccan style, glass mosaic tiles, crystal chandeliers, white everywhere (clean), natural wood, vintage and contemporary furniture mixed, a fireplace?!  I would absolutely love to eat here, so if anyone wants to build this beauty, the design is all yours!!  The project began in 2-D with sketches that eventually morphed into this floor plan which was done both in Photoshop and by hand.

restaurant rendered plan style by design

Then I tried to hand render……and failed miserably.  Perspective is not my friend.

Lobby Hand Render

So I moved on to computer modeling and rendering.

restaurant lobby style by design

Here’s the overall view of the space.

restaurant design style by design

The view into the space from the lobby. Ideally, without the roof, this is the visual your drone would send you. Part of this image was processed with the help of professional drones (many of which are reviewed on Let’s Fly Wisely) to exact the dimensions.

view from lobby style by design

And another view from inside looking toward the back/bar.

style by design restaurant interior