Market Recap | Spring 2019

Hey guys!! It’s pretty unbelievable that this is my first post of 2019…the years seem to go this way. Come in slow from the holidays then get so busy that you forget what day it is…you finally catch your breath and it’s APRIL.

This past weekend I traveled to High Point NC for the Spring market. I saw so many beautiful new products, new styling trends, learned from the experts, and ate/drank my way from vendor to vendor. Aside from a dire necessity to get back to the gym ASAP, I also need to share all the great things I did and saw. Here is my market recap:

Favorite Finds:
I loveddd everything I saw, but obviously some stuff stood out to me as particularly fabulous–things that were my style to a T. These images are from Palacek, Fairfield, Ashley Furniture, Loloi Rugs, Mercana, Dovetail, Selamat, and Artesia.

Best Seminars:
Luanne Nigaraschooled designers on how we should be running our businesses more like a machine and less like a hobby. We should be targeting our dream clients through our brand and systemizing the business aspect so that someone else would be able to run the show if we wanted to take off to Europe for a week….

I also loved hearing Farah Merhi speak about Instagram and social media for interior designers. You will see me on social media more in the future. I KNOW I have been slacking, but a new season is upon us.

Want to know what I missed the most from last market? Universal’s Watermelon JalapeƱo Margarita SO SO GOOD…just like their styling.

I can’t wait for the fall…who’s coming with me?!