MAD PROPS {Lindsey Stump Photography & Design}

Hi friends.  Occasionally throughout 2012 I plan to write blogs like this one where I call out businesses i’m obsessed with…because I know you’ll love them too. This first post is about a friend with whom {you know you dig my grammar, get off me} I spent 4 years of design school at Virginia Tech, Lindsey Stump.

I can’t speak for Lindsey, but when I started in the school of architecture, my work was a hot mess.  I didn’t have the drive to spend the night in studio like some of the other students, I wasn’t a very artistic person, and waking up at 7 am to cross the windy drillfield in 15 degree weather for studio 3 days a week seemed like sheer insanity.  Basically, I thought I was in way over my head.  Our first project was to build a cone because my professor loved the shape.  I decided to use sand {hellooo, i love the beach} and do drip castles in the form of cones {genius, right?}.  Well, he told me it wasn’t good enough and to do it again and again and again until I could extract the beauty in the form and pattern {we had an incredibly vague syllabi….I believe about 20% off our major dropped out that semester}.  Honestly though, his harsh critiques are exactly what made me who I am today and the rare compliments were SO rewarding.  Constantly pushing myself and my designs to the limits made me more of an analytical designer.  I am constantly thinking of ways to improve the world that surrounds me.  Sitting next to these women in class every day watching all of their different design personalities and niches develop was a pretty awesome eye opening experience.  I would 100% expect any designer I graduated with to completely succeed in anything they tried…even if it’s not quite what our diploma reads.

It’s hard to explain the how it feels when you see your peers kicking @$$ at what they do.  Pretty freaking inspiring/amazing/intriguing/all of the above if you ask me.  Today, I have one of those amazingly talented friends to share with you.

Meet Lindsey.

Lindsey Stump

After school, Lindsey got a job working in a highly coveted position with Gensler (one of the best in the world) in Texas.  She then moved on to work for a smaller, but very well known firm designing for the stars {swoon.}.  Her work has been featured in Interior Design Magazine, LUXE, Interiors, House Beautiful, and numerous other design magazines, blogs, and websites.

While she’s still rocking out the interior design world, she’s also a well known photographer……I mean, one of her most recent clients was the Eli Young Band!!!?  She is still located in Austin, Texas but frequently travels back to Virginia and will travel for destination shoots.  Her specializations include senior portraits, engagements, and boudoir photography.  Lindsey is known for her passion of wardrobe styling and set design (duh, she’s a designer), unique locations, and her consistently creative style.

In my opinion (bc I know you all want it), she’s well worth scheduling a shoot with next time she’s in town….WE will even style it for you.  For free.  That’s right you get the both of us.  Now hurry up and boook her so I can see this little lady!!!

Here’s  a link to her FB page (please “like” it!) and her website.