Calling all creative geniuses in training…..SBD is looking for an intern or two!!  I have two different aspects of the company that i’m looking to grow and develop further, but need a little bit of help because i’m so freakin busy!

{this image is direct example of how I don’t have time to create quality graphics…5 minutes, but it’s pretty freaking funny….and no, it doesnt have to be 2 females}

Essentially, I need two more of myself….

The first person I need is someone who can do graphic design and maybe a little bit of web design.  I am not happy with my website design, never have been, but I don’t have the time to fix it… I can show you things that I like but actually taking the time to create them is killing me.  This person could work from pretty much anywhere and we could meet maybe once or twice a week.  Once the website is complete {I think it’s a good starting point for the re-branding of SBD’s image}, I will want help with other marketing material like business cards, flyers, etc.  I will then want help with blogging.  I have a list of ideas, but would love to have someone compiling the facts and information {all that interesting filler information in between my ramblings}.  If anyone thinks that they meet these qualifications, please send your resume to

The second person we need is basically what I used to do as an intern for interior design companies….a little bit of CAD work {seriously, not much at all}, some hand sketching, field visits with clients, assistance on the job site with accessorizing/moving furniture/assembling furniture, and some office work.  This person will also assist with weddings and events.  You will get some training in creating floral arrangements, meeting with clients, setting up for events, and all the other fun and creative details like creating escort cards, folding napkins, making DIY projects, etc.  If this sounds fun to you, please send your resume!!

Please spread the word if you know of anyone looking for some experience.  I’ve had a few people apply already but wanted to open the opportunity up to everyone!!  The candidates can be in school, have another job, or even just have an interest in doing these things.  Thanks guys!!